Picture and Digital Sharing

Have you ever shared your pictures with your family or friends? People would like send their photos by means of email.People would like send their photos by means of email (Natasha). When I visit any other provinces in China, I took many pictures with the background of landscape or native people. And share it with the others through emails. However, sometimes the picture is very big. You cannot upload certain number of them in one email.

Recently, it is very convenient for us to use some photo-sharing web sites to share our digital pictures. These photo-sharing web sites include Flicker, ICloud and Adobe Revel. It solves the problems of share a great number of photos with different people. In the meantime, people can also find other billions of beautiful pictures from these web sites. Take Flicker for example, I had taken several pictures regarding the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Museum of Contemporary Art.

untitled  Image Source

Posting the digital pictures is very time-consuming. I still remember that when I am in the primary school, our relatives from Canada always send printed pictures by post for us. It may spend more than one month from the post her pictures to these pictures arrived at China. When studying at abroad, I prefer edit my photos using Photoshop and directly send it on Flicker to share with my family.

The following video shows that why you should use Flicker and how to use it.

In addition, my classmates always use Cloud Storage to keep their digital photos. They believes that it also help them fast reach the best value of photos, music, videos and documents. So far, I have posted three thousand travel photos in my Cloud Storage account.According to Strickland, Cloud Storage has two benefits takes over the traditional data storage. Firstly, it breaks the limitation of the locations; people could view their photos or videos at anywhere. The users do not need an extra mobile device or a computer to store the documents. Secondly, for the small business, the Cloud Storage serves as a hard drive and could backup the sources for disaster recovery.

Furthermore, back to my own experience of sharing digital pictures, I want to mention the mobile phone play a vital role to share and edit pictures. In the past, people use a heavy camera to take a picture. However, a smart phone would combine the shoot and share the pictures online together. As mentioned before, I have upload three thousand travel photos in my own Cloud Storage account; all these are completed through my Iphone. To my surprise, my older sister has downloaded more than a hundred of the exquisite pictures. She printed it and made an album for me as a gift. Meanwhile, she has edited some of my pictures to cut off some unwanted objects.

In this semester, I have one very interesting class—advertising and creativity. Our group has downloaded some related pictures for different advertisement topics. Instagram, Imgur and Flicker have become our main sources to find intriguing pictures. I still remember that when we want to make an advertisement regarding promote the Samsung mobile usage.

In order to allow consumers well inform that this new type of mobile phone waterproof and dustproof, we have found two pictures with the background of Bondi beach. Then we inserted the sample of this mobile phone into the beach to indicate that people could take it everywhere. They do not need to worry about the extra environment whether may have negative influence for their mobile phone.

From the above example, it obviously can be seen that the whole process is very rewarding. Additionally, in this winter holiday, I have post a great number of photos to RenRen. After edit them into the form of slide and set them to music. It is one of the greatest treasures for me.

In conclusion, sharing photos, videos or other documents are very convenient and at relative lower price. Through share and edit those, we could not only effective exchange the emotional feeling with our family and friends, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal.



Sina Weibo—Chinese microblogging site

In this week’s tutorial, our group has discussed some microbloggings in China like Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo and Sohu Weibo.  Today, I would like to talk about one of the most popular microblogging websites in China—Sina Weibo.

 Sina-Weibo-300x91  Image Source

(The logo of Sina Weibo)

Micro-blogging makes it possible for online users to post brief messages, so as to share personal thoughts to anyone or some restricted groups. It is usually less than 200 characters. Users can frequently update their post through a smart phone or other mobile devices (Anamika). 

60896208   Image source

(the image depicts the number of users on Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo)

Cao maintains that 76 percent of Chinese online users have a Sina Weibo account. Active users log on to Sina Weibo at least two times per day. Over 130,000 companies have a Sina Weibo account, which includes the top 500 enterprises in the world. Without a doubt, Sina Weibo is very popular in China.

Similar to Twitter, Sina Weibo limits users to upload a maximum of 140 characters in each post. If the bloggers want the others to read their posts, they can use the format ‘@username’. Hashtags are also used to link together similar posts. Unlike Twitter,Sina Weibo uses double hash tags placed at the start and end of the relevant keywords or phrases(Custer). We are able to categorize post content and track the trending topics by means of these searchable keywords.

Another apparent difference between Sina Weibo and Twitter is that Sina Weibo provides more than 400 free emoticons for users to use. Yue notes that emoticons refer to the inclusion of cartoon facial expressions. It is used to express senders’ emotions vividly and directly.

emoticons  Image Source

(some emoticons from Sina Weibo)

In addition, Sina Weibo Event enables people to participate in a wide range of events, parties and movies. The event planner can post the event information on the event page and then forward it to their followers. Sina Weibo also has a ‘medal reward system’, which gives users a variety of medals when they ‘retweet’ a certain number of others’ posts (Koetse).

Micro-topic is one of Sina Weibo’s innovative features. Users are able to view the hot topics and commentary for a topic. All comments are presented at the bottom of each post, making it very easy to follow the whole chat. Trending topics are classified into several categories like culture, technology and public posts. 

Soulati suggests that Sina Weibo offers the account verification system for its users. An orange ‘V’ badge is for a verified personal account and a blue ‘V’ badge is for a verified company.

Furthermore, Sina Weibo is the ideal way for brands or companies to promote their products in China. Some companies have invited a great number of celebrities for online marketing and promotion. By 2013, there were nearly 130,000 official accounts concerning businessmen, athletes, politicians and musicians (Koetse).

Take Na Li’ s Weibo for example, she is a professional tennis player who gained world No.2 on the Women’s Tennis Association Tour. So far, she has 23,370,693 followers.

The following image shows the top ten celebrity endorsers on Sina Weibo. She ranked at sixth place.

26_top_10_sina_weibo_pages_celebrity_endorsers-1024x855   Image Source

(the top ten celebrity endorsers on Sina Weibo. Na Li ranked at sixth place.)

According to Salibacelebrity endorsement means that brands whose campaigns feature famous people can increase sales through their reputation. Sina Weibo is a platform that has supported this, with 61 percent of celebrities mentioning the product that they endorse in their profile description, and 27 percent of them make posts about their endorsed products twice a day. Therefore, I believe that Sina Weibo is a great channel to reach the wide range of potential consumers in China.

untitled  Image Source

Back to the example of Na Li’s Sina Weibo, she has endorsed seven brands on Sina Weibo including Nike, Rolex, Benz and Samsung. From August to September, the automotive industry always encounters cold season in China. Over the duration of 14 days of promoting the automotive industry on Na Li’ s Sina Weibo, more than 60,000 cars were ordered with sales totalling US$1.5 billion. Among these 60,000 cars were more than 30 brands, such as Benz and Chery. (Xiang)


The video below shows how to use Sina Weibo to get started on your business marketing.